Surfing and Soccer

Surfing and soccer are awesome. I play for Tamarindo FC.   I miss playing with Comba FC.  I am number 11 now. It is my favorite number because of Mohamad Salah.  Here is a video of me scoring. It was so fun because first,  I played a whole game with my team.  After that game, I played another game with the older kids. When I scored, it was with my team. P.S when I mean older kids I mean a seventeen year old who is bigger than my dad and was the defender. 

Ok now let’s get into surfing. So yesterday was so muddy literally. When i say muddy I mean it looks super brown.  Cause when you here that you might get an ear infection from a surf instructor, you better believe me. I love it here I miss ya’ll so much.  Here’s a couple of surf videos.