The Best and Worst of Costa Rica

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A friend recently asked me what the best and hardest things of Costa Rica were. I actually like being asked questions like these because they give me a chance to reflect and articulate in straight forward ways which is not necessarily my strength. I also like it because it captures a moment in time that reflective of age and circumstances.

I posed the same question to each member of our family to compile a top 10 list of sorts. So without further ado here is our family “best and worst of Costa Rica” two months in.


  • “I love the animals: hummingbirds, mono (monkeys), sloths, and tortugas (turtles)” - Penny

  • “Snuggling with mom". - Eliza

  • “Listening to music and drawing.” - Sam

  • “The warm ocean water and the humidity.” - Kristin (Mom)

  • “The amount of family time.” - Jake

  • “Taking baths and showers.” - Eliza

  • “I love the apples and the ham.” - Penny

  • “All of the time I am getting with my family and Jake.” - Kristin (Mom)

  • “I love that we get to surf.” - Sam

  • “Being able to get fresh fruit and vegetables all the time.” - Kristin

  • “The surfing.” - Jake

  • “I love how much sleep I get here. It’s so healthy. I also love the amount of reading we are doing. The pura vida attitude is also so great.” - Jake


  • “I don’t like the bugs.” - Penny

  • I don’t like going under water.” - Eliza

  • “Not being able to live here forever.” - Sam

  • “All of the rain so far.” - Jake

  • “Being away from friends and family.”

  • “The humid-ness. I can’t do a lot of hair styles.” - Penny

  • “Nothing” - Sam

  • “Getting soap in my eye.” - Eliza

  • “Having one car.” - Kristin

  • “Ants and bats.” - Jake

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