FHE: Media

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This week we introduced our family media policy. We set up a central charging hub and each child was assigned their own charging cable. It was important to us that this was positive rather than merely restrictive so we called it an “opportunity station.” Why an opportunity? Because if they followed the guidelines that we set-up, each week they could earn a small amount of money which equals a bit of freedom and independence to eventually buy something they wanted like a treat, toy, or experience.

Here are the guidelines we set-up:

All devices must be checked in and out. To check out, you must specify

  • How long you are asking to use it

  • What you will be doing (and you need permission before switching apps)

  • Where you’ll be

Screen time is done by 6:30, this includes TV (keep in mind we are going to be at 7:30 here)

We have a three strike rule. If you have less than 3 strikes at the end of the week, you earn $2.

kristin hodson