Oh For PUNS Sake...

I was raised in a home where puns ruled the roost. You couldn't just say something casual like, "We were all so in tense!" without a follow-up from my Dad of, "Oh really? So you were all in tents somewhere?" Or saying the time is Ten to Nine with my dad complaining his knees hurt. Inevitably I would ask why and he'd say, "Tendonitis." Fortunately, or unfortunately pending on where you stand on the Pun scale, this punderful gene has passed on to me. I just can't stop thinking about all the different puns that can spawn with one little 3 letter name...Sam. Here we go:

If Sam loved smoothing the ice at a hockey rink he'd be called: SAMboni
When Sam has ill communication with another person: A MisunderSAMding
If Sam started to work with Mr. Miyagi: Samuel-son
Ordering from the menu in Lousiana, getting a hodge podge soup: SAMbolaya
He offers a variety of different items at his: SAMple sale
When he decides to purchase a fine leather luggage compan: SAMsonite
When he is a strong Asian warrior: The last SAMurai
Lastly, he is just a perfect little boy making him SAMtastic!

You can tell by this picture that Sam thinks these are just absolutely hilarious and hopes to be the third generation of Pun brilliance.
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