I'm 4 Months Old!

Like my Grandma Foo used to always say to me when she'd see me, I need to put books on this boy's head because he is just growing so fast! He's four months today and it was exactly one year ago on Valentines when we found out this little one was going to be joining our little family. Here's Sam's FOURmost developments:

I love my thumb...paci's are so newborn
I have tried my first solids: smashed avocado and sweet potatoes and liked them both (see food post)
Baths are especially fun for me
I am a fan of the pig now not so much the cow (animals in his carseat)
Little Einstein puppet shows make me squeal and laugh
My chubby little legs are getting a little too big for my diapers
I am able to reach out for and grasp things
I LOVE people and talking
I make funny faces and splashes in the water
I wants it to be spring...yep I told mommy that
Rockabye Coldplay, U2 and Radiohead are my favorites when I'm in the swing
I'm excited to meet my new little girlfriend in Cami's belly :)
Polly and Kaiser are my friends except when they try to kiss me again and again and...
I loves it when my mom sings songs to me
I love giving lots of little kissies on the lips
I can roll half over
I'm a little grumpy when I first wake up and I love to do big full body stretches after I wake up
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