The Beginning of Many...

Seriously behind in updating our family ongoings. From sickness, trips and great weather, there has been little computer time. Rather than create one giant post, I'll break it up in to many.

Let's start from the beginning and I'll use the term my friend Kim uses: I'm going to drop my mobile uploads on you. These are pics from my cam that are just of the day-to-dayness of our now 19 lb little Sam!

Sam with his "Wild Thing" friend

Toweling off

He loves his thumb

My two favorite boys having a "moment"
Having some "Man" time

Tired Boy

Keeping me company while I make the bed

Playing in his "ocean", it's about as close as we get here in the UT

Daily walks in GREAT weather

Enjoying his two loves: His Bumbi and Baby Paper

Getting ready to eat

Playing it cool and melting me with his little half smile and bright eyes
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