Day 3: Tide Pools, In N' Out and More

Today Sam for the most part spent his day crying, thinking about crying or trying to cry. Yep it was just one of those days which is why you will find there are basically no pictures of him. BUT beyond a sad boy, the highlights included heading to the tide pools and ocean preserve and exploring all the natural sea life. I love tide pools for the very fact that it is a very "hands on" experience. We found some sea cucumber type things that the kids loved touching squishing, little villages of crabs inside seashells, brightly colored starfish that Jack was convinced were octopus and more. Then above in the sky you would have thought there was a winged migration going on because droves of pelicans that kept making their way north. Just when I thought there couldn't be more, there would be dozens upon dozens. At the end of the day we had some shadow fun.
The kids also experience In N' Out for the first time. Forgot my camera for that one but just imagine the biggest burgers and fries coupled with hungry bellies and big smiles. Always good food and a great time.

From left to right: Syd, Addie, Krissie, Avery

Jack's Big Muscles
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