Fund Raising

Well, I'm on a mission. Most of you know I am starting my own private practice ( offering specialization in pregnancy related issues. This has been a dream of mine for 8 years and now the timing just feels right. Currently in Utah, there are no Mental Health services specific to pregnancy related issues. This includes: postpartum depression, miscarriage, infertility, grief and loss, anxiety, substance abuse and pregnancy, etc.

So my mission is this: There is an incredible 10 hour intensive training in Pennsylvania the first of September. It's done by a well-known expert in Postpartum Depression AND I would be the first clinician in Utah to attend this training and have this specific of training and endorsement. I have a place to stay, I have a plane ticket earned by skymiles, I am just lacking in the funds to cover the fee for the training...$700.00

This is where YOU come in. I am offering you all a fantastic one-time deal: Halloween Insurance. Yes I said it, Halloween Insurance. For you and only you (and anyone you would like to forward this little message to :) I am offering this insurance for a mere $5.00. Halloween Insurance is simply insurance that if anything happens to your home, your cars, or yard by little hoodlums (i.e. eggs being thrown at your cars, your home, pumpkins smashed, etc.) I will personally come and clean it up*. Can't beat that right? If nothing happens to your property...great, but if something does...I'm you're gal. So forward this to friends and family in the SL Valley and sign up for you insurance today!

PS: I am open to any other money making opportunities you may have. Not limited to: car washing, window washing, etc.

*Unfortunately this does not include giving your new pumpkins :) This is just for the clean up.