I'm a Gym Rat

Mom and Dad took me to my own Little Gym on Saturday to see if I liked it. Miss Melissa was really nice and had all sorts of things for me to do. I played with sticks, over-sized balls, bells then went and explored the entire gym. Dad put me on the pull-up bar and I was able to hang for 5 seconds! Mom and Dad were so surprised and laughing so hard they missed the photo op. Then they wanted me to do it again so they could take a picture but that's like asking someone to be funny on demand. Maybe I'll do it next time. After that I practiced doing handstands and back somersaults. At the end of class, my teacher blew bubbles all over the gym and because they had sugar on them they didn't pop until I popped them! Some even got stuck in my hair, which was pretty cool. Oh and there was music the whole time but I was the only one who danced. I have a new move that my dad taught me...it's the ladder dance. I'll blog about it in my next post.
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