It's a Very Merry Teen Foster Christmas - Post #2


I've been working closely with Tammy and I asked her to send me her "dream list" to give these kids a good Christmas. She told me in years prior, when they have had the funds, they have had approximately $50 per child. However, they haven't always had funds which has meant going to other "children's homes" where donations were in abundance and snagging some of their present overflow. (people tend to think little kids when doing Christmas donations) I think what really stood out to me is a comment she told me about from one of the teens where he couldn't BELIEVE he got more than candy...that he got an actual present. Thinking what I'm thinking?

Alright so here's The Dream list. We've decided there has to be some method to the madness so please read the "How Can I Help" section just below the list. We will keep this blog updated with info and how close we are to our goal so check back often!

Goal: Make Christmas dreams come true for 17 boys and 17 girls - Someone has already signed up to sponsor 5 youth so you'll notice the numbers being less than targeted goal)

Holiday Package Teen Boy:

* $25 Gift Card ** (Target or Wal-Mart) x15
* Hand Held Video Game x15
* Axe Gift Sets (as in the cologne :) x15
* Pajama Set and Slippers x15
* Tech Deck Skate Board Sets (finger skate boards) x15
* Model Car/Airplane x15
* Deck of Cards x15

Holiday Package Teen Girl:

* $25 Gift Card ** (Target or Wal-Mart) x14
* Hand Held Video Game x14
* Makeup x14
* Lotion kits x14
* Jewelry x14
* Pajama Set, Robe and Slippers x14
* Journal x14

** The gift card is by far their favorite because they get to shop for themselves without someone else telling them what it has to be used for, something they rarely get to do.

Other great gift ideas: (these would be our icing on the cake)

* Teen appropriate remote control toys (cars, airplanes, etc)
* Teen appropriate movies (No R rated movies)
* Teen appropriate books: Twilight, Eragon, Fablehaven, Artemis Fowle, Harry
Potter, etc


We are trying to find MANY ways people who want to be involved can get involved in a way that is best suited to them and their circumstances. Some people have called and are going to make Christmas cards, others are going to make BIG decorated sugar cookies, others are going to get their churches involved...bottom line is the sky is the limit. The point is to give these teens an incredible Christmas.

If you are wanting to get involved, please send me an email to: or leave a comment on my blog. I will keep a running log about what needs have been fulfilled and what is left. REMEMBER: if you have something in mind outside of what is listed that's FANTASTIC! Just let me know and we'll include it.