Time to pull my own weight

So I'm turning one. Yep, in 9 days I'll be hitting my first biggie. I'm pretty stoked. But my Mom and Dad said it's high time I start I start pulling my own blogging weight. Before you know it they'll have me out walking the dogs and being a day trader to help bring home the bacon! Here's what's new with me.

I can clap, I'm pretty good at it.
I can give five.
Walking around from thing to thing really ain't no thang for me.
If I have something to say I'll say it like: Hi, Bye, Hee (here), Daddy and Momma
Mom took me to my first swim lesson, didn't love it.
My parents gave me a pretty sweet car for my first birthday, I wonder what I'll get when I'm 16.
Saturday Mom is taking me to my first Little Gym class which reminds me...
I'm learning how to flex my muscles.
I sent my parent's on a vacation to California. I just needed a break. I think they had a great time.
Who ever decided to put the dog's water dish on the floor was brilliant, can't get enough of splashing in it or dumping it all over the floor.
Diapers are so 6 months ago. Honestly, me and diapers have a love hate relationship.
Same with car seats. Pretty much anything that keeps me from moving everywhere bums. me. out.

Anyway. One is Fun.

Fig (Dad's funny little nickname for me. He loves it so I'm ok with it)
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