I'm A Travelin' Man and One Growin' Dude

So I guess I'm sort of a travelin' man, a world traveler of sorts. In the past few weeks I've been to all sorts of homes, playing with all sorts of people. Mom and Dad were out gallivanting to some places called California, India and Pennsylvania. Probably not nearly as cool or fun as my Grandma's and Grandpa's, Aunt's and Uncles and Cousins. I did such fun things with all of them but as we all know, fun things eventually come to an end.

When Mom and Dad got home from India I was so excited that I started to laugh and then cried a bit then just hugged Mom then Dad then Mom then Dad...World traveling isn't an easy thing to do so I think I'll put my travels aside for a bit. We all will.

I'm growing so quick! I am a pro at stairs going up and down and I'm pretty close to walking. I can scoot around all sorts of furniture and I'm starting to get my courage up to take some steps. My WWF cousin, Peter, keeps me on my toes and moving quick to get out of the way of his rear reverse choke hold.

I talk all the time. I say "whoa", "buh-bye", "hi", "boon" (short for balloon), "mama","dada" and "meow" when mom asks me what a kitty cat says.

Swimming is the best now. I love it. Going under water is a piece o' cake. No biggie. I can float on my back and look up at my mom's eyes for 3 seconds! I LOVE to have my mom pull me off the slide and help me swim under water.

When I see anything with a decline, I do a major prep half-circle approach to turn around and go backwards. I even did this on the sandy beach when I saw a hill. I also go through all doors backwards. Mom just laughs.

I'm a PB&J guy.

I'm a daddies boy. He's one heck of a guy.

When my girl cousins dress me up like their doll, Dad doesn't like that. Mom tells him to get used to it.

I give out free unsolicited hugs about every five minutes--if you need a hug, come on over.

I went to California for Thanksgiving and I wondered why we didn't just move there already. Life's a beach.

I've jumped up another diaper size. I've now passed my 2 1/2 year old friend Van and joined my cousins size five diaper club.

I have the best little girlfriend ever, Elsie. Now that I don't scare her to death, we have some fun times at the pool and playing together.

Speaking of friends, I LOVE my stuffed animals. They are the best-friends a boy could have.

I think that's it for now.

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