Smells Like Toddler Spirit - Jump On the Toddler Train!

14 months and growing. Yep, our little man is moving into Toddlerville on a one-way train. First stop? Tantrum Trail. What you'll find here is a boy that can go from laughing to bawling in one second flat, throwing himself on the ground face down kicking his legs. This destination might seem a tad early given it's listed later on our Toddler Tour but folks...we took a detour. On your left you'll find Prayeree Holmes. A nice little family with a boy that has learned when he hears the word "Food" or sees "Food" he folds his arms to pray and gets excited for the part where we say, "Amen!" Lovely little stop right? Speaking of right, on your right you'll see all sorts of lights, shiny things, trees, dogs, birds, the sun, the moon, pop-up books, blocks, stuffed animals,magnets,Christmas trees, Sesame street, cousins, friends and cats. If you pay attention you'll hear "Oooh!" and "Oh!" That's right, we've arrived at the stop called The Wonderment of a Toddler where everything is exciting and new. This is my favorite stop personally because it's loaded with everything and anything we've all grown accustomed to over the course of our lives but get to experience it again, for the first time, thanks to a toddler! Last stop is Dadville where everyday is a fun day whenever Dad is home! Sam prefers to throw his arms around Dad's neck wrap them tight like this, grab his cheeks and give him what? A great. Big. Kiss. {Whistle Blows} Thanks for riding the toddler train--until next time :)
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