Drum Roll Please....brrrrrrr...I Samuel Jakob Hodson present to you,
(as of 1/3/2010 anyway)

Clementines. I can eat 5 at a time...that's 5 whole clementines not slices (5 slices would be for amateurs)

My Dinosaur popup book. I have a lot of popup books but this is the B-E-S-T popup book in the world

The Hungry little catapillar book. I like to find the little egg on the leaf, turn the fruit pages and make the book flap like a butterfly at the very end.

Stuffed Monkeys and Lions and Bears OH MY--

Dancing. I am a dancing machine. When music comes on I just can't help. but. dance. must. dance. must. wiggle. my. body.

The suckers that my mom gives me from time to time that make my Dad just cringe because I'll get dirty and sticky. Really Dad? I'm a toddler. That's my job.

Eating. in fact so much so that when Mom took me to the children's museum out of all the cool things to do there, I wanted to sit at the little table in the play kitchen, pretending to eat food with plastic fork. Best 30 minutes of my time there.

Sesame Street and Elmo. He's such a character but that show is cutting edge (even though some of the segments were from before Mom's time) I heard vintage old-school was the hip new school.

No. I love that word and NOT because my parents say it to me (right mom? right dad?) but I hear them say to the dogs all the time and it's the main word in another favorite book called Find Spot.

Walking like an orangutan is a favorite right now. I'm walking all over the place but it's still secondary to my crawling. I have places to get to people and I'm lightning fast on all fours. When I walk like an orangutan with my arms above my head, it helps me balance and stuff.

Toilets. Aren't they great? I just can't get enough of sticking things in it and it's just the perfect height.

Sweeping. Still can't figure out why this isn't a fave for Mom but I could sweep all day.

Dave Matheson at church. He's just this great bear of a man, that I can climb on, glasses I can pull at and he smells just like a adopted church Grandpa should.

I think that's it for now...oh WAIT!!! My ball popping toy, I almost forgot! How could I forget that toy?! I love to stick the balls in the vent that makes them pop up and out of a tube. And then (wait there's more) I figured out how to make toilet paper get sucked in and shoot out the top. So funny.

**Mom's Note: Here's the pick from Sam waking up on his own at exactly 11:57pm New Year's Eve. The boy, just like his Mom, doesn't want to miss out on a thing!

Here's some other pics from Christmas and such:

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