Sammer & Pena-lope

I had to take just a minute in this craziness of life and write down some of the haps of my cute little peeps.

First the Sam at 2.11 years old.

He loves to wear "sweaty" pants
He's starting to piece together more and more sentences such as, "Syd, it's exciting to have you in my car today." "Mom, this is incredible." "Mom--LOOK! It's an outside car (convertible).
He likes to look for Flags Flagging
He's getting better and better at his manners including saying "excuse me" when he wants to talk to someone who is talking
He loves to share his ideas, "Hey--I have good dea"
Jake has taught him Frere Jacques and he sings it at the top of his lungs
Jake has also taught him 6+ nursery rhymes which he can recite
Just today he told me he want to grow up and be a football "pwayer" which interestingly enough, during my 3-year-old birthday interview with my sister, when asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said I wanted a football player.
His favorite TV show is Curious George
Spiderman and superhero's are his thing
He likes to play dress-ups including being a fireman, Woody and his cousin's love to dress him up into dresses
He's a little fish and can dive off the side of the pool, dive for pennies on the bottom of the pool, jump off the diving board and flip to his back and swim for "wockets"
When we drive home at night he likes to say good night to everything he see
He has discovered that he can reach and do almost anything with the help of stools and chairs
Sam is full of life and enthusiasm and wants to take it ALL in!

Now, Penny Ru at 5 months

She loves her little zebra that hangs from her carseat and pulls to make it vibrate--she does it again. and again. and again.
She starting eating her first food the other day: avocado. She tried egg yolk and didn't want anything to do with it. Loves bananas.
She also experienced her first bit of constipation and was a very sad girl.
She looks exactly like her Daddy which means she is extra cute
She is a bit of a mama's girl
Bath time is her favorite
She is a sleeping champ but is a very light sleeper
Penny thinks Sam is the funniest guy around--she gives Jake and me a run for our money when it comes to making her laugh
She is very ticklish under her neck
She is very mellow but when she is done, she is done.
Her eyes are very bright and alert.
Penny is our little sweetheart and a great balance to the Hodson crazy energy!
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