Water is life (and so are chips, bread, and snacks)

At the airport


Making your way to Costa Rica with 8 bags, 3 kids, 1 car seat and a 5 tired people thanks to a red eye is not an easy thing.  Thankfully we weren't pulling this thing off because we thought it was going to be easy, so having our expectations in check there was really helpful.  However, we thought getting here was going to be the hardest and longest part of our journey, which was definitely not the case. 

The day we arrived there just happened to be a fisherman strike which meant the main road from San Jose to Guanacaste was blocked off and Waze (google maps international style) rerouted us.  The roads we ended up on were largely unpaved but the country was breath taking.  Think Road to Hana in Maui only more narrow and very, very wet.


As we got deeper down the road, we got to a point where we had to cross a river and climb a steep, muddy hill from all of the rain.  Thanks to Jake's skills we were fine, however, just around the bend, things were not so fine.  There were cars completely stopped, turned off, and essentially parked.


Jake and Sam took off to go see what was happening so we could see what we were up against.  Because of the strike, all cars took this single road reroute which was essentially like the second half of the Road To Hana.  When I say all cars I am including small trucks AND larger flat bed trucks that shouldn't be on a road like this but are.  And that's what the hold up was.  A flatbed truck has slipped and rolled making it so they were now blocking that road!  So here we are with our very hungry and tired kids and only two bags of chips, a sweet roll and three water bottles.I don't think chips and rolls could have tasted any better than right then.  Thankfully a tractor came and pulled the truck out after a couple of hours.

Despite our four hour drive  turning into  8 adventurous hours we arrive safe and sound into the heart of Playa Portrero.  

The lesson: water sustains life but snacks and treats for long plane rides and stranded car rides sustain spirits.  

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