8 is Great

Can you believe this little munchkin is 8 months old? The term "munchkin" is now literal after going to the doctor last week. Sam is still soaring in the weight category, 20 lbs 8 oz putting him in the 76th percentile and shrinking in the height category, 27 inches putting him in the 23rd percentile. Simply put, our little one is pleasantly plump :)

8 Month Majors

He did his first army scoot on the floor 6/13/08
His first boat ride
Discovery of the tub plug chain which has resulted in some early ending baths
Rolling forward, backward, to the side
Sporadically waving goodbye
A huge distaste for diaper and clothes changes, which brings me to....
Lungs at a whole new level, he's at a screaming shriek now
Two little teeth on the bottom
Able to eat little snacks using his "pinchers"
Loves graham crackers
Smacks his lips when he wants "real food"
Does a clicking sound with his tongue
Thinks the Backyardigans are pretty neat
Is like his Mom with his love for the water
Still struggling with the sleep
Gives me the best kisses daily
Making new sounds like MaMaMa