Playing Catch-UP

So many pictures to bring you all up to speed. Heeeeeere we go!

Just some intensity while up Millcreek Canyon

This pic is funny because Sam's cousin Lukey really wanted to be in a picture. Here's someone who knows how to be camera ready!

Enjoying and orange

At the Zoo

Playing in Puddles with his cousins--He thought it was so funny when they would run and splash.

Heading down to St. George with friends trying to seek the sun since Utah has some how been teleported to the North West. Sam was sleepy...

Until he woke up and we took a pit stop and found some cute little farm animals :)

This colt played on this hill eating the rocks!

Sam with his friends Van and Elsie

Van wrestling Sam down which is exactly what his Dad tried to do with Jake. Yep, I said it. Zack tries to wrestle Jake. Jake may be "man concentrate" but he packs a mean wigglin', wrestlin' punch!

Bums Up!

Yiddle Bum

Sam's first boat ride, he LOVED the boat...not the life jacket so much.

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