Nope, that is not a spelling error, that's the way Sam says goggles. He has progressed so much with swimming, I thought for the record I should jot it down. He's just gotten over a big hump, for a few weeks there he cried every session and then one day, voila...He was happy, loving it and had jumped up another level. His favorite thing to do is to swim like a dolphin, which is the beginning movements of the butterfly stroke. He can dive in to the water from the side of the pool. He can float for 5 minutes by himself, but really prefers not too :) From back float position he can flip to his stomach to swim then back to his back to rest. He is learning "chicken, airplane, soldier" which is the beginnings of the breast stroke as well as "Mr 1 and Mr 2" which is the back stroke. To end his lessons, he loves to jump off the low dive! He looks so funny on the low dive because he looks so teeny jumping off the board all by himself.