A New Display of Independence

We've been working on teaching Sam basic manners such as Please, Thank You, Welcome and introducing mini-chores such as cleaning up toys, taking his plate over to the sink when he's done eating and throwing trash away in the can. All of these things are wonderful when played out in the way that we as parents want them. BUT we all know that's no always the way it goes and there are two sides to every story.

I made little man a PB&J today for lunch and he wasn't all that interested. He really wanted to go outside so I told he could go outside if he took a few monster bites of his sandwich. He looked at me, picked up his sandwich, took it over to the trash, threw it away, closed the trash door and said, "outside."

Didn't know what to do with that really other than laugh after he went to bed. Needless to say, the boy ultimately went to bed without lunch, which he didn't seem to care about and it's great as a mom to see that he's learning what we are teaching him :)
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